The ACD MasterClass in aviation English

(preparation for the FCL.055 exam)

A MasterClass provides advanced training for experienced practitioners who share knowledge and experience to improve abilities. Participants collaborate on practical real-world exercises under the guidance of an expert. Participants learn by doing. Benefit is determined by effort.

The ACD FCL.055 MasterClass develops competence and understanding in English language aviation vocabulary and phraseology. MasterClass participants share experiences, give briefings, and practicing radio communications under the guidance of an experienced, native language-speaking colleague.   Participants gain proficiency in aviation vocabulary, grammatical structure, pronunciation, comprehension, interaction and fluency for communicating in English by collaborating on preparation, briefing and inflight communications during simulated flights. Participants discuss aviation rules, procedures, information sources, and common problems encountered during international travel. The class is open to current or past members of the Aero-club du Dauphiné who hold a private pilots license with over 100 hours flight experience and can demonstrate CEFRL* level B2 in English language communications.

The MasterCourse is structured as a series of 12 weekly on-line sessions conducted exclusively in English. Exercises are conducted by teams (crews) of 2 or 3 participants who plan and practice communications in all phrases of flight for a cross-country trip in English. During each session, participants provide briefings in English on aircraft performance, instrumentation, departure and destination airfields and procedures, airspace structure, route planning, flight plan preparation and weather. Participants prepare and practice scripts for communications with air-traffic control facilities and air-to-air communications.

Sessions cover the following topics:

  1. The FCL055 Rating, Course structure, Information Resources, Sample Practice Flight
  2. ATC Overview, Numbers, ATIS Structure, Sample Flight Briefing, formation of Air Crews
  3. Practice flight briefings by crews
  4. Taxi and departure clearances, sample departure and Taxi Script
  5. Practice taxi and departure Scripts
  6. Flying the Pattern, Sample Script.
  7. Pattern practice
  8. Enroute and Arrival, Flight Plans, Sample Enroute scripts
  9. Enroute and Arrival Practice
  10. Inflight Emergencies,
  11. Inflight Emergency Practice, Weather terminology
  12. Stories of things that go wrong in flight, FCL 055 VFR test preparation.


*CEFRL:           Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

CEFRL is a guideline used to describe achievements of learners of foreign languages used to evaluate the language qualifications of candidates for education admission or employment.